My last griffon litter was born 2014.I no longer have griffons at my house.Very funny and intelligent breed.
Now I only have charlies and in the future maybe another breed too.Breeding and showing dogs is a very interesting and challenging but I just love it!And as long as my feet and head works I will have dogs.

Pikkanan Heros´Ms Marple
Madam Manta had her 12th birthday on 15.11.2013.Still going strong and stubborn!Real grand old Lady <3

Cilleine Rok´n Roll
My dear Bobby is becoming an old gentleman.His first two shows in veteran class were a nice surprize.In group show Lammi 14.7.2012 he was BOB VET and in Forssa 15.7.2012 also BOB VET!

Rapidash Eliza Dolittle
Elli has done nicely also in shows.Estonian Winner show 3.6.2012 Elli was BOS and got CAC and her first CACIB and the title too.Last weekend in Forssa 15.7.2012 Elli got her last CAC and became FI CH judged by Anne Sume from Estonia.

Ulfi Karaj
Uuno´s show year begun very nicely!17.5.2012 Helsinki group show BOB and CAC judged by Marja Talvitie and 20.5.2012 Riihimäki group show BOB and CAC judged by Inese Bablaka from Latvia.We visited also in Estonia and participated in a spaniel specialty 2.6.2012 and Uuno was BOB and got Estonian CAC judged by Markku Kipinä.

Ulfi Karaj
Uunu is in the King Charles Spaniel Club Of Finland PUPPY OF THE YEAR 2011!

Pikkanan Sampled In Jazz and Pikkanan Solo By Jazz
Both sisters were BOB puppies in Lohja Puppy Show 25.2.2012 judged by Kirsi Sainio.

HeJW-11 FIJW-11
Pikkanan Black Pedro (ow.Teija Malm)
The only Pikkanan participant in the Winner Shows 2011 in Helsinki was Uolevi and amazing two titles in one weekend!And in Kajaani INT show (2012) Uolevi had his first CC and CACIB and was BOB! Very best luck for becoming year Teija and Uolevi.

Blue Bay´s Hymne A LA Vie
Finally the last CAC for Hynni!Well done Me and Hynninen from Laukaa.

Pikkanan Kukka Maaria
A new champion for this year(2011)!!! Very nice Virve-Riikka !!!!

Pikkanan Lucky Mii Rosetta
(co-owned with Eeva-Liisa Peltonen)
Kyröskoski puppy show 21.8.2011 ETTA BOB PUPPY with her lovely teeth...

Pikkanan Diva Cara Mia
Russiantoy association organized an Open Show in Lahti 20.8.2011 to celebrate association`s 15th anniversary.The show was judged by Jussi Liimatainen and our Tofu was BIS 1 JUNIOR!!!!!

Pikkanan Smooth Petronella (ow.Satu Väänänen)
Petra had a great start in junior class.Satu showed her first time and in group show (9.7.2011) in Kemi Petra was BOB and had her first CC!!

Pikkanan Dark Angelica
ow.Piia Haapanen
A NEW CHAMPION! 26.6.2011 Midsummer Eve show in Rovaniemi Anki had her last CC and got FI CH title.She is the 13th belge champion bred by me so this is just so GREAT!Thank you Piia and Anki.

Pikkanan Boogie Man(ow.Leena Parikka-Pesonen)
Rolle at seven years old BOS CACIB at Hamina INT SHOW 21.5.2011 !

Rapidash Eliza Dolittle
....and here is my first charlie lady.She was at Rauma national show 15.5. BOB JUNIOR and BOB and got CC.At Hamina INT show 21.5. BEST BITCH 2 CC !!!

Ulfi Karaj
And here is Uno my first charlie male.He has done nicely in puppy classes.First of May in a puppy show at Lahti BOB PUPPY,15.5. at Rauma BOB PUPPY and Hamina INT show 21.5. BOB PUPPY !!!

Pikkanan Diva Cara Mia
First time Pikkanan russian toy was a BOB puppy at a puppy show in Lahti 1.5..2011!

Puppy show in Lohja 20.3.2011 Uolevi was BOB PUPPY and at puppy show in Helsinki 17.4.2011 BOB PUPPY ! An excellent start for this years shows.Thank You Teija.

FI CH Pikkanan Black Lady Ladybird
Nice weekend show in northern Finland in Kajaani 9.1.2011 and an excellent openin for the new show year.
Kerttu got her last CC and became FI CH and Hynni was BB 2 and got RES CC and RES CACIB.

WW-10 Pikkanan Una Signorina ow. Sari Ingman
WHAT A SURPRIZE !!First in Jöngköping in Sweden 21.6.2010 BOB CACIB and SE CH and in WW-show CACIB and WW-10 title !First WW-title ever for my breeding......just amazing Sari & Sissi

Pikkanan Kukka Maaria
Nice start for the summer.Nana was BOB and got CC in Mynämäki 15.5. and was BOB and got CC 13.6. in Aura group show.So very excellent Nana and Virve !!!

Pikkanan Rough Eerika
Eerika is now officially C.I.B CH !!

Pikkanan Rough Eerika
BRAVO Eerika and Ilona !!!!!

28.11.2009 Eerika got the NORWEGIAN WINNER-09 title ! How excellent is that?! So very nice work Ilona and I hope that the future brigs a bit more.I am so very proud of you two!Keep up the good work.............

Greetings from Bratislava !!

In national CAC show on saturday 10.10.2009 Pikkanan Kielo Orvokki won her class and got JUN CAC in rainy Bratislava.Pikkanan Black Lady Ladybird had excellent and was second in junior class and Blue Bay´s Hymne A La Vie had very good in intermediate class.

WW-show on sunday Blue Bay´s Hymne A La Vie won her class (intermediate) and had CAC!! Here are the girls with their medals. It was a long bus drive to Slovakia but I am very pleased with the result.

Congratulations to all winners !!

Pikkanan Xmas Red Charlie
(ow.Leena Parikka-Pesonen)
MISTER MAX was placed GROUP 3 in a group show in Estonia 5.9.2009 !
Very nice Leena and Max !!!
This is a first time in my kennel history that from the same litter (a litter of four) three have placed BOB PUPPY.
First was Pikkanan Kaija Koo in Ruukki group show 25.7.2009 BOB PUPPY then in Turku 9.8.2009 Pikkanan Kukka Maaria was BOB PUPPY and finally in Joensuu 15.8.2009 and 16.8.2009 Pikkanan Kielo Orvokki BOB PUPPY both days!
Fotos of these lovely characters you can see below.I hope that the success of these girls will continue in the future !!!!

Pikkanan Kaija Koo

Pikkanan Kaija Koo

Pikkanan Kukka Maaria

Pikkanan Kukka Maaria

Pikkanan Kielo Orvokki

Pikkanan Kielo Orvokki

Pikkanan Dark Angelica
6.6.2009 in Tuuri Anki was BOB and had her first CC in her second show ever judged by Zidy Munsterhjelm-Ehnberg.
Excellent Piia and Anki !

Pikkanan Google Mii Black
In ladies Kennel Club show in Helsinki 30.5.2009 Erno got his first BOB and CC by judge Anne Sume from Estonia.
Nice start for the future shows to this lovely compact male.
Thank you Teija and best of luck for this summer´s shows !!

Pikkanan Xmas Red Charlie
(ow. Leena Parikka-Pesonen)

Max got his last CC in Lappeenranta INT show 12.4.2009 and he got the FIN CH title !

BRAVO Max & Leena !!!

Pikkanan Brown Ivanka

Pikkanan Brown Ivanka donated blood to research of liver colour gene with griffons. In Holland in GENETIC COUNSELLING SERVICES ( received the sample of Ivanka in january 2009 and they were able to validate a test for griffons. So now it is possible to test a griffon that is it a liver colour gene carrier or not. Two griffons from Finland are already tested with this test and the result was that they are not carriers of liver colour. So the test actually works !

Pikkanan Demolition Man
born: 22.10.1995

He had his 13th birthday 22.10.2008.As You can see he is still very attentive and much loved pet with family Pitkänen.

(foto by Natalia Tabujeva)
CONGRATULATIONS to all who gained ESTWINNER-08 title especially to Eerika ESTJW-08 and Ilona.It was a lovely sunny day in Estonia last weekend (1.6.08).


Pikkanan Xmas Red Kiss became FIN CH 27.10.2007 in LAHTI INT show.


Pikkanan Xmas Red Kiss is the petit brabancon puppy of the year 2006.
In the foto Elsa with her proud owner Riikka Velling.

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